6 Weird Jobs That Didn’t Exist 20 Years Ago


6. Chief Listening Officer

Perhaps no job signals the technological shift in marketing more than the rise of the Chief Listening Officer. This is someone hired by a company to actively – and avidly – follow social media and find out what people think and feel about the company. No more questionnaires or sudden stops on the street for random opinions. The CLO travels constantly around Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and the Web in general for any comments by consumers concerning interactions with the company or opinions about the product brand, good or bad. The data gathered is presented directly to whatever department it applies.

The CLO is skilled at understanding terms of market analysis and can hone in on the most crucial information. This person helps the company determine not only how to evaluate ad campaigns but how to interact with customers in a more positive way to encourage the customer base.

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Do you know of other unusual jobs that didn’t exist in 1990? Maybe your job is one of them? Whatever we can imagine, the philosophers tell us, we can do. With technology ever expanding, who knows what new and, yes, weird jobs are likely in the not-so-distant future!