10 Most Unusual Offices around the World


Your workspace can have a big impact on your creativity, productivity and energy levels. Personally, my favorite office feature is natural light. I find it incredible energizing. But for others, especially those in a creative role, companies seem to be placing a great deal of importance on inspiring and bizarre décor.

From giant pink whiskers to indoor Ferris wheels, here are ten of the most unusual offices around the world.

1. Mindvalley HQ, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Photos: mindvalley.com

This is my favorite on the list, and one I just have to visit one day. Mindvalley’s headquarters in Kuala Lumpur boasts an ‘indoor park,’ tree house, mediation room, and a 150-seater auditorium.

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2. Prisma Headquarters, Austria

Photo: prismaengineering.at

Automotive engineering firm, Prisma, have their HQ in beautiful Austria. They have really brought the outside indoors by covering the walls in painted floral meadows.

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3. Unilever, Hamburg, Germany

Photo: pinterest.com

Located on the bank of the river Elbe’s in Hamburg, the Unilever employees can sunbathe in deckchairs on the terrace.

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Inside the office building, there is a spa, restaurant and shops on the ground floor. If I worked there I would never leave.

4. Lyft’s Mission District headquarters, San Francisco, USA

Photo: pinterest.com

The driving service’s head office in San Francisco is decorated with 8000 giant pink whiskers and a portrait of Willy Wonka.

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5. Lumosity, San Francisco, USA

Photo: pinterest.com

Also in San Francisco, the Lumosity HQ has a library full of antique books, and a secret doorway in a bookshelf.

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There is also a bar within the offices. The bar sounds nice, but to be honest, they had me at the secret doorway.

6. Inventionland HQ, Pennsylvania, USA

Photo: pinterest.com

These headquarters in Pennsylvania contain a series of mini offices within them, each with their own theme. From the cave office to the pirate ship, each crazy setting is designed to foster more creativity within the team.

7. Selgas Can Architecture, Madrid, Spain

Photo: pinterest.com

Based just outside of Madrid, Spain, this architect’s office really is an amazing advertisement for the company’s services. Their one-story, glass fronted tube-shaped office makes the most of the surrounding nature without interfering with it.

8. Google London

Photo: pinterest.com

Of course, Google would not let us down. All of their offices are amazing, but the London HQ has a padded cell meeting room. In fact, padding and cushions are a theme throughout. It looks so cozy!

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9. Acuity Insurance, Wisconsin, USA


The Wisconsin headquarters of this insurance company is home to a 65-foot indoor Ferris wheel… naturally.

10. Etsy, New York City, New York

Photo: pinterest.com

Etsy is one of my favorite companies. They have stuck with their homely craft theme and lined the walls and ceilings of their Brooklyn office with handmade creations and living green walls. From paper lanterns to climbing plants, there is color in every room.

Do you work in a fun or unusual office? I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment below.