9 Clever Ways to Turn Your Passion into Profit


It seems that the happiest people are the ones who get to work in the field they are most passionate about. If you truly love what you do, then work never feels like something you do not want to do.

Whether you take up a side gig in order to earn money from your passion, or make the big leap into a career change, there are so many options for us today. Here are nine ideas for turning your passion into profit.

1. Book

These days it is absolutely possible to get your book out there, whatever it is about. Kindle Direct Publishing means you can publish your own work as an eBook without any overheads. All you need is your passion and a word doc.

2. Etsy store

If your passion is crafting, then you will probably already be familiar with the world of Etsy. It costs very little to run an Etsy store, and it is so satisfying for the crafters of this world.

3. eCourse

Did you know that you could write and record an eCourse about almost anything these days? We all have some skill or knowledge that other people need. An eCourse is a great way to profit from sharing that knowledge. Platforms such as Udemy, Kajabi and YesCourse each have their own submission rules and fees, so shop around and find what works for you.

4. Run a workshop

Is there something you would love to teach? From belly dancing to book keeping, you could run a workshop on anything at all.

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5. Run a meet up

Similar to a workshop, but usually more sociable, selling tickets to a meet up can turn your subject of passion into a little profit stream too. Is your passion travel? How about running a foreign language conversation group for beginners.

Maybe your passion is literature, hiking, or anime. You can host a group for just about anything. If it is something physical such as hiking, be sure to check if you are required to be insured to lead a group outdoors.

6. Sunday market stall

I know, I know, you would have to get up early on a Sunday. But if you have a traditional 9 to 5 job to pay the bills, then the weekend is your best time for a side gig. Market stalls are ideal for those products you can sell online, such as baked goods.

7. Fiverr

For the digital creatives of the world, Fiverr is like a virtual marketplace. If you love graphic design, web building or content writing, there are people looking for your skills here. You can set your own hours and rates here too. No need to get up early on the weekends.

8. Consultancy

Something a little more lucrative is to become a consultant in your subject of passion. Of course, this does require experience, qualifications and a marketing budget. But if you are really invested in pursuing your passion as a career, this is something to consider. Consultants can either work with individual clients directly, or be contracted into big organisations, so there is plenty of scope for growth.

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9. Private practice

If your passion is helping people, then perhaps a private practice would be your thing. From massage therapists and Reiki healers to coaching and counselling, the world needs you to help them with their stress and discomfort.

What could be more rewarding than both following your passion, and knowing that you help people every day? Are you following your passion already We would love to hear what you do. Please say hi below and let us know.