This Infographic Shows Entrepreneurship Is Becoming More Diverse


Entrepreneurs are definitely not born, but who of you can become the one tomorrow? The answer is any one of you, literally. No matter your gender, age, education, and ethnicity, you have all chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur in the United States. The Presitely’s infographic shows that about 550,000 open up monthly in the U.S.

According to the infographic, almost 60 percent of businesses are launched by men and a little bit more than 40 percent are launched by women. That means that women are becoming successful business owners at much higher rates than a decade ago.

The sad thing is that not all businesses survive their first year, so think twice before ditching your 9 to 5 and launching your own company. Meanwhile, take a look at the infographic to be more aware of the current business situation in the U.S.

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