How to Correct Your Thoughts to Prime You for Success


It is time to let you in on a little secret. Every day we are bombarded with stories of success and how to not give up on our dreams, but no one gets down to the nitty-gritty to really provide you with the methodology. Are successful people wired differently? Are they superhuman?

Most importantly, you probably think, “I do everything they do, but I am not where they are. What am I doing wrong?” Here is the truth – it is not what they are doing differently, it is what you have not thought of yet. Let me ask you this: when was the last time you purposely looked at something, anything, from a different perspective?

Successful people tend to think differently from those who would call themselves “unsuccessful.” This altered state of the mind is actually a learned adapted, a skill. The good news is that it is attainable for everyone, and I am going to tell you how to start opening your eyes and freeing your mind.

Rethink your positive affirmations

I have talked about positive affirmations in some other articles I have written about motivation and goal accomplishment. I have also used this method extensively. So I am not going to say ditch the positive affirmations, because 10-20 minutes a day reciting kind things to yourself will not stop you from repeating nastiness phrases for the other 23 hours and 40 minutes.

No, I am just going to ask that you reconsider what you are telling yourself. Saying, “I am wealthy, abundant, and positive,” only to later think, “I am no good” or “I suck at …” causes inner turmoil. Your emotions collide.

I say, let your emotions run freely. Successful people understand what they are feeling and why. When something goes wrong, they do not resort to negativity. Instead, they reroute their affirmations into something constructive, like, “If I want to be wealthy, I need to stop procrastinating. What can I do to turn myself around?”

Self-inquiry paves the way to building plans for yourself. Instead of creating a rigid image, be flexible. Fragment the goal to construct your future at a pace you can handle.

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Think in terms of possibility

Never limit yourself to saying something is impossible. For example, saying you can’t aim for a higher position at work because you just got hired a month ago is silly. You are a human being with unbridled potential. So give yourself some credit.

Think to yourself, “What if I could get assigned to that project?” “What if I did become a part of that team?” Do not give a single answer. Just think about what that would mean for you. Furthermore, ask yourself who you can talk to for insider information on the roles and what’s expected to get the part. Dig into what you can do to make your dreams reality.

This also works in relationships. Surround yourself with people who look at the world as mutable and performing at the level you want to reach or will support your endeavors.

Use your imagination

Rather than thinking in a linear perspective, diverge and create. There is no one-way journey in this world, and there is not one door to the destination but billions.

Question everything. Question what others assume is right. Not to get all mathematical, but there’s the Theory of Substitution. If you do not have X or do not like X, replace it with a variant. For example, we all know there is an infinite number of ways to make cake healthier.

Get creative with your ingredients, just do not go with what is written down in the recipe. Experimentation teaches you how to change perspectives once in a while to unearth more possibilities.

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When it comes to priming yourself for success, the best way to begin is to change the way you view the world. Fettering yourself to a single definition of success or beating yourself up over past mistakes will only bog you down. Instead, see everything with kaleidoscope eyes and a reflective mind, and you will find a world of difference.