9 Things Super Successful People Do on Sunday


Sunday is seen by many as the day before the dreaded work week begins anew. The fun you had on Saturday needs to be wrapped up and you need to snap out of your weekend hangover, whether it is alcohol-related or not.

However, those who are considered successful and well-known share some common traits that make their Sundays productive and effective. Here are the things successful people do on Sunday to fuel their ambitions and boost their triumphs:

1. Family and friends

Work-life balance is hard. Success often means separating yourself from your friends and family for an extended amount of time, which can put a strain on relationships. Successful people, however, do not let their career control their lives.

Instead, they know how to balance their occupation and time spent socializing. Sundays mean gathering the family for dinner, hanging out with friends, playing with the pets and kids, and getting in as much laughter and memories as humanly possible.

2. Me-time

After spearheading innovations and driving businesses towards a profit, successful entrepreneurs and CEOs know how valuable time spent away from other people can be. By using your Sunday to do what you want keeps you in sync with your mind and body. You will also feel less exasperated with handling people if you can give yourself some TLC first.

3. Exercise

Physical health is linked to your mental health. Without staying fit, your overall condition will breakdown. Successful people literally make time to get in workouts before their shift, but they also refuse to neglect their body on the weekends. You will find CEOs hitting trails, lifting at the gym, and staying active on Sunday.

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4. Vacay or staycation

Sundays can be fun-filled, too. Take a mini-vacation to someplace you have never been or have not been to in a while, like the local art gallery, mall, park, or a museum. You do not have to go far and you do not necessarily have to spend anything. Just enjoy a moment of adventure in or around your local setting.

5. Disconnect

Become a weekend hermit. Detach yourself from the smartphone, computer, and other tech devices that are wired to social networks. This allows you to break from the work cycle to truly feel like you are “off from work.” At the same time, this distance means you will seek out other ways to spend your day off, like doing yard work or meeting friends for a movie.

6. Dreams and passions

For the successful, their hobbies and other passionate pursuits are never placed on the backburner. In fact, it is balancing what they enjoy doing with their work life that they are able to stay inspired and energized.

By doing what you enjoy, you get more fulfillment out of life. So never give up what you love to focus solely on your career. Another way to pursue a passion is to continue your education. If you have an hour or two set aside to work on another degree to bolster your skill set, why not?

7. Relaxation

This means taking some time to actually cool down. Take a moment to recharge your batteries by getting a massage, going to a spa, staying at home to read, meditating, taking a yoga class, or even just lounging poolside with a glass of wine. Whatever helps you unwind and chill, do it.

8. Planning for the future

Founders and CEOs are nothing without their insane work ethic. You can learn a lot from their habits in preparation. For example, when you use some time on Sunday to lay out how the coming week should work, you give yourself some ideas of goals, projects, and other work to complete to keep everything running smoothly. This forward-thinking keeps the successful one step ahead of everyone else.

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9. Early riser

CEOs are notorious for being early risers, no matter the day. Some of them wake up as early as 3:30 am to get things done. Of course, this also means going to be around 10:00 pm to ensure they are not getting sleep deprived either.

Many use these quiet hours to reflect, meditate, exercise, or simply catch up on things they feel have been neglected, like personal emails or continuing education.

These nine traits and actions are what drive successful people on Sunday to make their best of the coming week. Do not let you Sunday be the anti-fun day. Transform it into a day of relaxation, reflection, and planning for the future to aid in your life’s pursuits, whatever they may be.