11 Fun Trick and Treat Ideas for the Office


For many people, Halloween is a favorite holiday. Even as adults, Halloween can bring the “kid” out in anyone. Being stuck in the office does not mean you can’t have fun on Halloween. Use some of these fun trick and treat ideas to celebrate Halloween at work. Enjoy the time when you can go a little crazy, without worrying about your boss’s reaction.

5 Fun Tricks

Practical jokes can be great tricks to play on your colleagues. Keep it fun and light.

  1. Fill up the room with objects. Balloons, cups, toilet paper, sticky notes, clear wrap, crumpled-up newspapers, and aluminum foil can all be used for this common prank.
  2. Loud noises make trickery fun. Popping balloons, air horns, bubble wrap, poppers are the best to use to scare people with loud noises.
  3. Fakery is another favorite. Fakery is using fake objects like spiders and other creatures, body parts in formaldehyde jars, Halloween creatures, office memos and more.
  4. “Psych outs” are when an object has been replaced with something else and the recipient is expecting the real thing. For example, fill donuts with mayonnaise rather than cream, or replace caramel apples with caramel onions.
  5. Fun pranks are easy to do. Put a sticky note on the bottom of a co-worker’s computer mouse so that it will not work properly. Pop off the keys on a computer keyboard and create a message by strategically replacing the keys. Put funny messages on the bottom of coffee cups so when they take a drink, everyone will see the message except them. Mix Skittles, M&M’s, and Reese’s Pieces in a bowl together.

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6 Fun Treats

It just is not Halloween without treats. Depending on how many people you work with, you can give some really great treats.

  1. Homemade items are the best treats of all. Goodies like brownies, cookies, or cupcakes are always a big hit with everyone.
  2. Treat bags with goodies in them are a fun idea. Put together goody bags with candy that you would give the kids who come trick-or-treating at your house, and hand them out to your co-workers.
  3. Make edible kits for people to enjoy whenever they want. For example, put together a caramel apple kit with the apple, caramel pieces, and stick or a ‘S’mores kit with chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows.
  4. Snack Mix bags are a yummy idea too. Snack mixes are pretty much whatever you want to include. Be sure to have something sweet, something salty, something chewy, and something crunchy.
  5. Food surprises are creations made from food. Make ghosts out of bananas and pumpkins out of oranges or witches’ broomsticks out of pretzels and Reese’s mini cups or clementine or avocado jack-o-lanterns to share.
  6. Spend money on treats. Buy everyone in your department a cup of coffee or soda pop. Get gift cards for $5 or less to give out to colleagues.

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Halloween in the office does not have to be a bummer. Have fun by pulling some of the tricks I mentioned or gifting your co-workers with treats you make or buy. The whole idea is to enjoy those you work with on a daily basis by sharing fun times during Halloween.