5 Habits That Lead to Great Blogging


Blogging is becoming increasingly recognized in mainstream circles as an effective online tool for dispensing of useful information and entertainment. This has led to many writers joining the blogging community, yet not all of them know how to be efficient in creating their blogging habits. Following these 5 tips will help anyone have greater success as a blogger.

Great bloggers are consistent

Imagine if a newspaper company did not announce which mornings they would be selling newspapers. Imagine if a television show came on randomly instead of as scheduled. No one would know when to expect their services and they would eventually look elsewhere for their entertainment. Bloggers should apply the same principle to their own vessel of information. Blogging consistently everyday or on specific days of the week will help readers know when to show up to see new information and they will be more likely to keep coming back for more.

Great bloggers share stories

No one enjoys reading a dictionary or an encyclopedia, but everyone wants useful information. One proven way of sharing a wealth of information is to explain it in practical ways with everyday situations. Sharing a personal story or clever anecdote will go a long way in helping readers enjoy and connect with blogs.

Great bloggers find solutions to problems

Many new bloggers start their writings by ranting and raving aimlessly without a care as to who might want to read their thoughts. A more useful way of writing is to find what readers might want to know and then answering those potential questions. Blog readers come along for the ride when they feel their own needs are being met with real solutions.

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Great bloggers engage on social media

It is never enough for a blogger to write great content and submit it to the Internet. The only way for a blog to gain any recognition today is to share it with as many outlets as possible. This all starts with engaging with other users on social media. Interaction on social media is simply the best way for information about a blog to get from one reader to the next possible reader, so implementing social media engagement is a must.

Great bloggers create products

It is not enough to have consistently great blog posts, there has to be an end to the means of creating such engaging information. The best bloggers know that they can provide their readers with more than just what they have posted on their blog, they can also provide them with other products. Many brands build up a blog exclusively to sell their products, while other full time bloggers use their blog writing to help them sell books or other fan friendly merchandise. The best bloggers extend their usefulness beyond just their blog.

Blogging is a very popular career choice these days. You can work from home, make good money, and do the job you love. Bloggers often say,”Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” (Confucius), and it’s so true. Although blogging doesn’t feel like a job, a blogger should have certain skills and habits in order to be a successful blogger.

Not every blogger starts writing with the intention of being the best in the world at what they do, but everyone wants their stuff to be read by someone. Following these 5 habits will help any blogger expand their audience by leading them to great blogging. Do you think blogging is a good career choice? Share your thoughts with us, please.