6 Weird Jobs That Didn’t Exist 20 Years Ago


One career that has definitely experienced the most change over the last twenty years is technology. There are jobs out there that never even existed in the early 1990s, like streaming movies for millions of people or online coaching in almost every discipline. Certain other jobs have appeared as well that no one could have predicted. Have a look at how some people make a living now on this planet of ours.

1. Full Time Netflix Viewer

If you get the job of a Tagger at the Netflix media company, you show up every day and watch movies and television series before they are made available to customers. It sounds ideal, spending hours getting to see the wonderful world of film in a leisurely setting. There is one drawback: you don’t decide what you get to watch – that is up to Netflix. You watch what they give you and your personal preferences are not taken into account. Your job is to “tag” the movies and television programs by assigning them to a genre. The films you get can run from children’s animation to heavy metal concerts to horror and gore to the latest action and drama, but there is no opting out of viewing whatever you’re asked to tag.

Although the Taggers rate each movie according to guidelines that explain how to determine its genre, they don’t rate them as good or bad the way a movie critic would. For example, they would assess the level of violence as part of assigning categories so Netflix can place the movie or program under the appropriate heading on its website. For most Taggers, this is a part-time job running from a few hours a week up to twenty, but they aren’t complaining.