How to Climb the Corporate Ladder Without Compromising Your Feminist Value


Success in the corporate world for a woman is a long way from home. We still have some gender stereotypes and sexism to overcome in addition to proving ourselves. However, a long way does not mean we can’t get home; we just have to know how.

1. Embrace your feminity

No one would believe in you if you do not believe in yourself. Considering how easier it is to gain access to professional development and career growth opportunities as a man, most women are tempted to shed their skin and put on the man-skin. Let’s look at things this way, if your employer wanted an all-male staff, would you have been employed? The answer is no.

The feminine energy is important just as much as the masculine energy, so why losing yourself to become a man you are not? Women are strong, intelligent, emotional, soft, powerful, and capable of achieving anything they set their minds to.

We are a hybrid of strong and weak. We are what we choose to be at any point. The way we talk, dress, interact, and carry ourselves is all part of the package; the men will have to deal with it.

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2. Be seen beyond your feminity

Every work environment has its unique behavioral norms. Knowing and adhering to these norms is a big step towards a successful career. Perception is vital in the corporate world, and you have to maximize it to your good.

While men can be promoted on prospects, women are mostly promoted on performance. So, you need to up your games with great professionalism, efficiency, and hard work.

3. Always take credit for your work

In a team where there is a man, chances are that the man would be given credit for a job well done. Most often, women are seen as incapable of taking up leadership roles, less competent, and less influential than men.

Nevertheless, never let anyone – especially a man – take credit for your work. If you were the brain behind the success of a project do not be modest about it, say it. Some will see it as pride and probably dislike you, but what is there not to be proud of when you have given your best to achieve the best result possible.

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4. Never expect it easy

Nothing good comes easy, but it is more struggle when you are a woman. Struggles have a way of refining us just like gold – if we let it. So, whenever you feel like giving up, do not quit because it is hardly ever greener on the other side. Keep pushing and you will make it!

Statistics show that most men – even the ones in managerial position are unaware that women go through sexist frustrations. It is not always a case of conscious discrimination, sometimes, it is just that skewed idea of what a woman can or cannot do.

However, we are done being in that box since like yesterday and nothing will or should prevent you from climbing that career ladder except you. Do not forget about your feminist value, no matter what.