10 Great Benefits of Going Self-Employed


While some people are hesitant to become self-employed because of worries about a lack of success or security, there are some fantastic benefits associated with working for yourself. Here are ten of the most significant and exciting of these benefits.

1. You control your approach to work

When you are self-employed, you no longer have a boss breathing down your neck and telling you how to do your work. Instead, you get to choose the methods that work best for you, avoiding troublesome constraints that hamper passion and creativity.

2. You can design your environment

Although many employers allow a degree of customization in offices, you have a limited amount of control over where you work. If you are self-employed, you can choose a desk that works for your posture, sit in a chair that feels great all day long, and add as many personal touches as you like.

3. You may end up earning more

According to some studies, people who are self-employed can earn 40-45% more than people who are in more traditional employment situations. While it takes time and effort to reach a point where you can earn more than someone who has a boss, it is certainly possible.

4. There is no need for a doctor’s note

When you are self-employed, you can take care of yourself and take a day off work without having to fill out forms, speak to your doctor or try to prove how unwell you are. In addition, you are less likely to need to take a full day off in the first place, since you are free to work in a more comfortable environment and can take regular breaks if necessary.

5. You will spend less

If you work from home, you will save plenty of money on gas or public transport. In addition, you are more likely to make your own lunches and brew your own coffee, saving a fortune that would otherwise be spent in cafes and restaurants. Even if you do not work at home, being self-employed lets you choose a location that takes spending into consideration.

6. You get to avoid office politics

While it is often nice to spend time with others and be part of a team, office drama can inhibit your productivity and cause you serious emotional anguish. When you are self-employed, you can work alone when it suits you, enjoying your favorite music in a peaceful environment.

7. You will always be challenged

When you work for yourself, there is a constant need to be creative, think in new ways and update your skill set to ensure continued success. Although some of these challenges can be stressful, they also keep your mind active and prevent you from becoming bored.

8. You decide when new purchases are necessary

Instead of slaving away on an antiquated office computer or struggling with a broken printer, self-employed people can take action and purchase necessary replacements. Further, there’s no need to ask anyone for permission to acquire these kinds of items, so there is no agonizing wait for working technology.

9. You can dress however you like

When you are self-employed, you get to avoid company uniforms, uncomfortable suits and stiff formal clothing. You can wear an old t-shirt, no pants, or even work while wearing nothing at all!

10. You can be around people you love

Finally, people in traditional jobs often complain that they hardly ever get to see their family members. In contrast, working from home as a self-employed person provides more opportunities to be with your partner, children or pets on a regular basis. You can also save money you might have otherwise spent on childcare or pet sitters.

As is abundantly clear from the above, being self-employed comes with a huge range of advantages. Although it can feel daunting to leave traditional employment, you could end up being happier and more affluent than ever before.