10 Reasons You Do Not Make Any Career Change


There are many reasons to take your career in a different direction. However, there are some instances when changing your profession is not the best option. Here are 10 reasons you do not make any career change:

1. You do not have anything else lined up

You should never leave a position if you do not have your next move planned. Your new full-time job will be looking for work. Unfortunately, all that looking will not pay the bills. If you are really serious about making a career change, seek out some new prospects before you turn in your notice.

2. You are mad about something that happened

No matter what you do, you are probably going to encounter people that really push your buttons. Whether you are dealing with an overbearing boss or an irritating coworker, you will most likely have moments where you want to walk out the door and never come back. Resist that impulse and take some time to cool down. You will be glad you did when your anger subsides and the problem gets resolved.

3. You have a massive amount of debt

If you have a lot of debt due to loans and credit cards, it may not the best time to switch careers. It can take a while to find another position and get settled in. You could be stuck without a paycheck for months. It is better to stay put and earn enough money to pay off at least some of that debt. You always want to do your best to avoid default.

4. You have family obligations

Maybe you have kids that need to be picked up from school every afternoon or an elderly family member that has to be cared for in the evenings. People with family obligations usually count on a job that offers flexibility. If your position provides an ideal schedule, you probably should not walk away from a good thing.

5. You might get promoted in the near future

If you have been hearing rumors that a promotion may be up for grabs soon, you might want to stick with your job for a while. Stay where you are and keep doing your duties well. You could be looking at a pay increase and a corner office in just a few months. It would be a shame if your impatience caused you to miss out on a great opportunity.

6. You are trying to keep up with the neighbors

Envy can lead to wanting possessions you do not need. Your neighbors may have recently purchased a new car or the latest gadget, but that does not mean you have to do the same thing. Be content with what you have and you will not have to look for a high-paying job to fund your outrageous spending habits.

7. You do not have enough savings

If you do not have a decent savings account, you are better off staying at your current job until you can build one up. Things could get rough if you quit without having a bit of money stashed away. Make sure you have a “cash cushion” before you make any type of career move.

8. You are feeling burned out

Sometimes you might think you need a career change when you really just need a short break. If you have saved any extra vacation days, take advantage of them. After a few days of rest and relaxation, you may decide your current job is not so bad after all.

9. You do not handle stress well

Making a career change can be stressful on many levels. It can be tough on you mentally, physically, and emotionally. You will have to turn in your notice, clear out your stuff, find a new job and more. If you do not think you can handle the pressure of making such a life-altering decision, you might want to think twice about leaving your current position.

10. You are happy where you are

As long as you are happy with your job, no one else’s opinion really matters. Do not let others talk you into making a change when you are satisfied with your current responsibilities and salary. Make you own decision about your working situation. Your friends and family members will have to respect your choice.

Sometimes it is just not in your best interest to make a career change. Any of the reasons on this list could be enough to make you stick with your present job. Weigh all of the factors thoroughly to determine if finding a new career path is really the right move.