4 Ways to Deal with an Egocentric Male Colleague


Do you have an egocentric male colleague that will not let you have peace? He leaves you frustrated, drained and tempted to quit your job. Do not worry, I have been there, and I survived, the following are ways that I used to deal with the situation. I hope it helps.

1. Always document any official transaction

Egocentrics would have you take their fall as long they maintain their picture-perfect image. Always document any official transaction with him. It can be in the form of an email or even a written note on a piece of paper or a recorded call dialog.

You can never tell when you will need them. If he does not send you a mail, then send him one and have him reply. This would be you putting yourself out there in the most professional way possible.

2. Try to find common ground

Every mad person has a friend. You might not be his friend but do not be his enemy. Try to find common ground that can contain you both.

Do not always disagree with him. You can try not saying anything at all and just listen, smile and act like you are following as long as you do not have anything precious to lose. It is going to be a win-win situation because conflict leads nowhere and you will both heat up the polity.

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3. When you need his help, massage his ego

Getting something from an egocentric person can be super easy if only you know how to massage his ego. He would not trade that for anything in the world.

So, next time you need his assistance, find his soft spots and massage his ego and boom! You’ll get what you desire and have a smile on your face while you are at it because “ain’t” body gat time for unnecessary conflicts.

4. Refuse to be sidelined, but do not push it

Anytime you find yourself in a heated argument with him, or he is trying to sideline you especially in front of your boss, try and exercise patience. Wait for him to talk first when he is done; concisely make your point.

Back your points up with facts if you want to disarm him. Never let him override you or make you appear less significant than you are; just do not batter words with you, you will get tired and frustrated but he won’t.

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The world is big enough to contain all of us with our different personality traits. We can coexist peacefully if we knew how to. Feel free to share your experiences with an egocentric male colleague.

Egocentric people never believed that they are wrong, so the best way to beat them to their game is to find their Achilles heel and milk it whenever you need to. Because it is hard as it is a woman in the corporate world, you should not let a colleague make it miserable for you.