5 Things You Should Definitely Thank Your Ex-Boss For


There are many things people might want to say to an ex-boss depending on whether the leave was a good one or not. But, I like to think positively, so when I think of things I could thank my ex-boss for, they would be things that made a difference in my life. Here are five things I would thank my ex-boss for that you might want to consider for your ex-boss.

1. The opportunity to learn

Any job is an opportunity to learn something new. Not only could it be skills that help you do the job, but it could be behaviors or attitudes that enable you to improve.

Maybe you learn how to work with people that you did not think you could work with before. Or, through your job, you learned something about yourself you did not know, all because your ex-boss gave you a chance to learn.

2. The opportunity to grow

Thank your ex-boss for the opportunity for growth, personally, socially, and professionally. Often times, people set goals to reach within their profession to improve their skill set or their knowledge.

Maybe your ex-boss helped you advance in your profession to your current job based on how well you grew within the company throughout your career there. Having that opportunity to grow as a worker and as a person is definitely something I would thank my ex-boss for.

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3. The support

I have been blessed with a boss who supports me in my professional life, but also in my personal life. She has supported me through some tough family times the past several years and because of that, my stress level has been lower than if she had not supported me at all.

Bosses who believe that there is life outside of a job will be willing to support you in your personal life because they know that not only will it make you a better person, you will be a better employee too. That is something to be thankful for.

4. The time

Thank your ex-boss for the time they invested in you and your advancement in your career. Without that investment, you would not have grown or learned new things about yourself or your career. That is a life-changer.

5. The belief

Just the fact that my boss believes in me as a person and in my professionalism as an employee is a reason to say thanks. There are not so many bosses out there that even care who you are, let alone know your name.

So, if your ex-boss knew your name, knew your passions, knew your goals, knew more things about you than just your work ethic and had a belief that you could be the best you could be, you might want to give them a big thank you.

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Thinking about your ex-boss, would you thank them for any of these things, or would you come up with your own list of things? Remember to think of positive things, because even if you had a negative experience, you still learned something from that situation, and that is reason enough to say thanks.