17 Ways to Quit Your Job Professionally


We all love a good “rage-quit.” In fact, YouTube is filled with videos of people quitting their jobs in creative, explosive, and admittedly funny ways. Despite the entertainment value, quitting your job in an unprofessional manner can make getting the next one that much harder.

There are right ways to quit and there are wrong ways to quit your job. Quitting the right way will avoid burning bridges and ensure that you get a good recommendation for your next job. Here are ten tips on quitting in a professional manner.

1. Give Warning

Giving adequate notice when quitting a job is considered professional because it shows respect and consideration for your employer and coworkers. In addition, by providing sufficient warning, you allow your employer enough time to make necessary arrangements for your replacement or to reorganize the workload.

In such a way, you can help to minimize disruption to the company and demonstrate your commitment to helping the company succeed even after you quit your job professionally. This can contribute to your overall professional reputation and make you a more attractive candidate to future employers.

Therefore, do not just quit and walk out the same day. Instead, take the time to schedule a meeting with your supervisor to tell them why you are quitting and when you would like to go. You may have to negotiate some of the details to meet the needs of your company, but doing so will help to ensure a good recommendation for the future and keep everyone on amicable terms.