4 Team Building Habits That Are Ruining Your Company


You may think you know enough about team building to create a successful company. You provide your people with a lot of options and give them a way to make new friends, improve themselves, and reach their career goals. You may even give them a lot of freedom, hoping that they will be more creative and productive. But, some team building habits can literally lead to a company’s failure, so make sure you avoid them by all means.

1. Calling or writing your employees after 5 pm

While there are the times when you have no choice but to call your employee, but do not make it a habit to call or send messages to them after 5 pm. Respect their personal lives and realize that just because you decide to work in the evening does not mean you can disturb your team. Even the best employee will run away from you if you do not quit this habit.

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2. Making your team focus on the drawbacks

While boasting about your company’s success is still a big no-no, you should never make your employees focus on the negatives either. Unless you are looking to ruin your entire company, do not emphasize your drawbacks, but instead, focus on the things that must be improved and encourage your team to do it.

3. Making your team do what they do not want to do

Let’s say, you take your team out to dinner, and there is definitely someone who does not drink any alcohol or sticks to a certain eating plan. Do not force them to drink or eat something they do not want. They might have overcome an eating disorder or alcoholism. Also, if someone is introvert and do not feel like partying today, let them skip it without judging them for it.

4. Patronizing

Communication with your team does not have to be fun all the time; not to mention that you can’t force your employees to socialize and enjoy it or at least pretend they like it. It is demoralizing, patronizing, and simply unbearable. Making adults do anything you want, including socializing, having fun, or completing a project, will only build resentment for your company and you overtime.

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Of course, you want to build a productive, friendly, and positive team, but if you go overboard, you may end up doing quite the opposite. The team building experience can be both positive and negative, depending on what team building approaches you are using. Avoid adopting the habits mentioned above to help your team and thus company thrive.