10 Reasons to Start Your Career at a Big Company


Whether you are working in marketing, engineering, advertising, or another industry – choosing between a small firm and a large corporation is always a critical decision. While there are benefits and downsides to both options, a big company does offer quite a few advantages. Here are some of the reasons you should consider starting your career at a big company.

1. Learn from the experts

Big companies are often run by experts in the field. If you want to learn from the best, sometimes you simply must work for one of the industry leaders. While entrepreneurs at small corporations have a lot to offer, working at a big company when you are green presents the chance to learn from some of the top names in your field.

2. Thrive under pressure

Working at a major corporation often translates to a lot of responsibility. Your budget will be big and your decisions will carry a lot of weight. If this sounds overwhelming, it can be. However, working under pressure also gives you a chance to figure out what you’re made of.

3. Build a nest egg

As a newcomer to your field, the best pay is often available only at the biggest companies. You do not yet have the experience to warrant a high salary based on merit. Working at a large company lets you earn a respectable paycheck, put some money in savings, and earn the right to demand more money later on at a smaller company.

4. Enjoy opportunity to grow

Big companies are flush with different departments and a complex hierarchy. When you are starting out in your career, this means there is plenty of room to grow. If you start out at a small corporation, there may be little room to advance in the near future.

5. Find a mentor

A big company is rife with people who have traveled the same road you are just embarking upon. Seek out a mentor at a big corporation, and you can have someone in your life who is wealth of knowledge about not only your industry, but also your career path.

6. Build your resume

Seeing an industry leader on your resume will impress a variety of future employers. You can potentially write your own ticket at other companies later if you start building your resume skills with a big company.

7. Wear many hats

Working for a large corporation presents the chance to wear many hats. Even if you start at the bottom of the totem pole, lend yourself to other departments whenever you get a chance. Completing any task offered to you will increase your knowledge and experience quickly.

8. Create a reputation for yourself

Earning a reputation at a large company will translate to nearly any other company. You can network with other professionals in your industry during your time at the big company, and later on you may find that human resources representatives or recruiters seek you out.

9. Forge meaningful professional relationships

Meaningful professional relationships are some of the biggest assets you can gain in your career. Having an awesome reference often makes or breaks future job opportunities. Schmoozing with the industry greats at your company will pay dividends later.

10. Find your niche

When you are new to your field, you may not know exactly where you fit in. Working at a big company allows you to explore the different positions available, crafting a niche for yourself and honing your skills in that niche.

Working for a big company may be stressful, but it also yields several benefits over working for a startup. Once you have your feet wet, your experience at the big company can open lots of doors down the line.