5 Things to Remember While Job Hunting in November


No matter what time of year, job hunting is a daunting task that makes even the most polished professional flustered and disgruntled. The funny thing is that most of us have what it takes to nail every single interview or job offer we receive, but we somehow lose sight of the simplest, most useful tips out there.

1. Do not be seasonal

Sure, you might sign up for seasonal work because business is surely booming wherever you are. Every retailer is out there, recruiting people just like you to keep shelves stocked, perch children on their lap, or even do some heavy lifting. So, you might be thinking, “Well, it is cool that I might get a job for the holidays, but then I am just going to have to look again after the New Year.”

Well, no. Not always. Show a little ambition when you are at your interview. Have a goal with no end. When you show Human Resources and the hiring officer that you are full of potential, you also show them you are the kind of person they will want to hang onto. You know what they say, “Good help is hard to come by.” So if you deliver above and beyond their expectations for “seasonal” help, you will not be just a “temporary” add in.

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2. Do not only do online applications

The convenience of online applications is great… but it also seriously cuts into face time. Very rarely have I ever been called back for something I submitted online. What gets me attention is dropping off a smashing resume or inquiring with management about open positions at their establishment.

Once you have them interested and expecting you to apply, you might receive a paper version or then get invited to do an online application. They will be waiting for your application if they are serious about you.

Plus, by speaking with company members throughout the ranks, you built rapport. You earn gold stars for setting yourself apart from the faceless people sending in just words. Most of all, you can show just how much getting the position would mean to you – and that earnestness is what employees seek out. Remember, networking and connections equal success.

3. Your resume is not set in stone

I know, I know. Doing a really awesome resume takes hours and you should not have to change it. But well, not every job you apply for is going to be the same. Not every employer is cut from same cloth. So, neither should your resume.

I am a personal fitness trainer, yoga instructor, bartender, freelance writer, translator, and professional dancer. Guess how many resumes I have? Okay, I have lost count. But case in point, my yoga resume is nowhere near the same as my bartender resume.

Modify words. Break out that thesaurus. Switch up experience and credentials. And always be sure to apply unique skills that will make you value for the position in which you are applying for.

4. Use LinkedIn

Using social media to get hired? Blasphemy! Maybe in the 1900s it was, but this is the 21st century, and if you are not up to par with 90% of all recruiters out there, you will not ever get noticed. Ever.

LinkedIn does not require a lot of work. Nor does it need to become your social feed like Facebook. But it is a place to create links with professionals and entrepreneurs with similar goals. On LinkedIn, you can build references, get invitations to job offers, and also be easily found by those searching for someone who fits their needs perfectly.

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5. Be thankful

There was a public speaking class I took a few years ago where one of our “tests” was to hold a formal business interview for our “dream job.” One of the tips the instructor gave us that has forever struck a chord with me was this: Be thankful. And since you are searching for a job around the holidays, there is no better time than to spread a little cheer. November is all about being thankful, after all.

Here is how it works. You get interviewed and are neck-and-neck with another candidate. After the final set of interviews, one of you decides to send a heartfelt thank you letter to HR or to whomever you spoke with throughout the course to getting hired.

The other one does nothing. Guess who looks like the better human being? That is right, the person who extended a thank you, albeit they might not have known whether they were getting that position or not. No one wants to hire an automaton. And heck, if you can write something kind, that shows a whole lot of character.

Remember, when it comes to getting hired this November, you are facing a massive amount of competition. Do not try to conform to the rest of crowd. Go the extra mile, and you might wind up clinching the job of your dreams instead of a dead-end.