Workplace Trends to Expect in 2023

A Focus on Flexibility

Remote work is no longer a pandemic-driven necessity—but as companies enter 2023, many will continue to experiment with different forms of remote and hybrid working – or at least some flexibility.  As employers and employees test a range of approaches to hybrid and remote work, 

A Focus on Flexibility

companies will need to take employee feedback and concerns into careful consideration to avoid retention backlash. With demand high for remote positions, flexible work policies may also offer a strong recruitment tool for organizations.

Prioritization of Employee Well-Being

Since work stress and concerns around benefits and flexibility are frequent drivers of turnover, focusing on employee well-being can have significant payoffs for companies.  Efforts to prioritize employees’ happiness and health can include providing additional 

Prioritization of Employee Well-Being

employee benefits, greater flexibility, sign-on bonuses, and an overall positive workplace experience.

A Continued Focus on Skills Over Jobs

 In 2023, more companies are likely to look to alternative credential programs like short courses or certificates when hiring and to increase their spending on in-house upskilling efforts. Leaders recognize that focusing on upskilling employees and career pathing can help their organizations close skills gaps

Emphasis on Soft Skills

Among the soft skills that are in particularly high demand are management and leadership in a changing workplace, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving.  As 2023 progresses, companies will reassess their leadership models and the skills leaders need to succeed in their roles.

Greater Use of AI and Automation

Along with automation technology, AI offers numerous growth opportunities for companies, if they’re prepared to take them on. As AI and automation unlock new opportunities in the workplace, companies will need to invest in upskilling and reskilling their 

Greater Use of AI and Automation

employees to work with these technologies.



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