Work Happy Hour Ideas

Work Happy Hour Ideas

Are you tired of the same old happy hour routine with your colleagues? Spice things up with these work happy hour ideas! From outdoor activities to virtual events, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

1. Outdoor Picnic

Enjoy the great outdoors with a picnic in the park or a nearby beach. Bring along some snacks and games to keep everyone entertained.

2. Cooking Class 

Book a cooking class for your team, either in-person or virtually. Learn to make a new dish and enjoy it together afterward.

3. Sports Day

Organize a sports day with your team, either in-person or virtually. Choose a sport that everyone can participate in, such as soccer, basketball or volleyball.

4. Karaoke Night

Let loose and have some fun with a karaoke night. Either rent a karaoke machine or find a local karaoke bar to visit.

5. Trivia Night

Test your coworkers' knowledge with a fun round of trivia. Choose a theme that everyone can enjoy, such as pop culture, history, or sports.

6. Who’s most likely to

Play a game of "Who’s most likely to" and ask questions like, "Who's most likely to be late to a meeting?" or "Who's most likely to forget their lunch at home?"

7. Board games

Bring in some board games like Cards Against Humanity or Settlers of Catan for some friendly competition.

8. Name That Tune

A game where participants listen to a short clip of a song and must guess the title and artist.

9. This or That

A game where participants take turns asking each other to choose between two options, such as "coffee or tea" or "beach vacation or mountain vacation."

10. Something in Common

A game where participants take turns sharing something they have in common with the group, and everyone else who shares the same thing must take a sip.



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