Work Christmas Party Outfits for Woman

The Classic Cocktail Dress

You can't go wrong with a classic cocktail dress for any festive but professional event, from a cocktail party to an evening gala.  Keep in mind that this is still a business event, and always err on caution. Your attire should be understated and elegant at all times. 

An Elegant Velvet Dress

A velvet dress is glamorous without being over the top for a formal work function.  There are many different velvet colours available for the office Xmas party, but the most stunning costumes are made of green or blue velvet for the party look.

Black Dress

You can never again have a "nothing to wear" crisis if you buy a stunning black dress because you can quickly wear it for an occasion.  Choose a simple black dress that may easily be transitioned from the office to a bar for the company Christmas party outfits. 

Off-Shoulder Sequined Maxi Dress

This sequined dress workwear is perfect for when you want to make a bold fashion statement.  Makeup and footwear should be kept to a minimum of fuss to avoid seeming too gaudy. The clothing cries out for subdued tones.

Two-Piece Suit

This two-piece suit will fit the bill if dresses aren't your thing. The long blazer is given some flair with the help of tortoiseshell buttons. Put on some heels and a basic tank top to complete the look. This outfit would look fantastic with some brogues if you're not heel-wearing and is the best for holidays.


Fabric and accessories are the keys to successfully substituting a blazer for a cocktail dress at the office holiday party. Any casual work Christmas party outfit can look more professional by adding a blazer, but a blazer with jewelled buttons and grosgrain or 


satin trims will take it to the next level for the work Christmas party.

Faux Leather Edition

Whether you wear them as classy work Christmas party outfits, leather pants  will keep you looking on-trend and help you ease what to wear to the company Christmas party. 



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