Work Christmas Party Activity Ideas 

1. Ice Skating

Find local rinks and set up a day of skating, sipping hot cocoa and enjoying comforting bites as a group.

2. Ornament Decorating

Give everyone the time to get in the Christmas spirit with an office ornament decorating party. This work Christmas party idea is all about creativity!

3. Holiday Costume Party

 Curate an evening full of laughter and casual fun with wild getups and clever costume ideas for your staff.

4. Karaoke Night

Karaoke is such a wonderful crowd-pleasing activity, so bring the energy and performance mentality into the office for a fun Christmas party idea.

5. Cookie Decorating

Enjoy a classic Christmas tradition of decorating cookies in the workplace.

6. Office Charity Event

For the ultimate work Christmas party idea that gives back, set up a special charity event for your team.

7. Photo Booth Party

There is something so infectious about gathering groups together for silly photos and that kind of energy in the workplace will surely be appreciated.

8. Casino Night

Planning a casino night for your next work Christmas party idea can help the team celebrate by dressing up and indulging in tasty appetizers and cocktails while playing classic casino games.



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