12 Winter Jobs for People Who Like Snow

1. Ski instructor

A ski instructor teaches individuals or groups how to ski. This may include teaching basic skiing skills to beginners.

2. Park ranger

Park rangers oversee the grounds of city, state and national parks. They ensure any visitors in these areas follow park rules.

3. Journalist

A journalist is a media professional who covers events for the public, which involves interviewing individuals and performing research to write stories for a news agency.

4. Concession stand worker

They often work at mountain resorts to prepare and provide food and drinks for visitors in lodges and outdoor locations, such as working at coffee and hot chocolate stands at the base of a mountain.

5. Mail carrier

A mail carrier is a federal employee who brings mail and packages to homes.

6. Construction laborer

Construction laborers, also called construction workers, work on construction sites and complete basic tasks on projects.

7. Photographer

A photographer takes pictures professionally, either working for a client who pays them directly or selling their photographs independently.

8. Snow plow operator

Snow plow drivers use trucks with plows on the front to clear roads so others can drive safely.

9. Social media manager

A social media manager oversees the social media presence of one or more companies across various social media platforms.

10. Delivery driver

Delivery drivers work for private companies to deliver packages to customers.

11. Snow shoveler

A snow shoveler clears off driveways, parking lots and paths so others can travel across them safely.

12. Resort manager

A resort manager works in a senior position at a resort, overseeing staff and daily operations.



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