When Does Health Insurance Expire After Leaving a Job?

When Does Health Insurance Expire After Leaving a Job?

Your health coverage often expires on the last day of the month in which you work your final day of employment if you quit your job or get fired.

When Does Health Insurance Expire After Leaving a Job?

This means that if you're going to quit your work, it would be wise to do so before the end of the month so that your health insurance will still be in effect for the remainder of the month.

Preparing to Leave a Job

We advise you to become familiar with your company's post-employment coverage policy. To be sure you're obtaining the coverage you need at the greatest price, compare your coverage options with those offered in the market.


Unfortunately, if you are fired, you are not given the option of choosing your final day. Even so, if your employer is accommodating, you might be able to negotiate more time for coverage; it certainly doesn't hurt to ask.

Health Insurance Options

Your alternatives for health insurance after leaving your existing employer's plan are basic but limited:

Join a Spouse, Partner, or Parent’s Plan

You may be able to enroll in your spouse's, partner's, or parent's insurance plan if they have coverage, whether it is provided by their employer or a private plan (you must be under 26 years old to enroll in a parent's plan).


In accordance with the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), you have the option to continue receiving group health benefits from your employer for a set amount of time after you leave your job.

Health Insurance Marketplace

The marketplace offers an array of insurance options to meet your needs and is definitely worth exploring.

Short-Term Insurance

Some short-term insurance policies have limiting maximums, expensive copays or deductibles, or don't cover pre-existing conditions; nevertheless, some policies provide complete coverage at a fair price.



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