What To Wear To an Office Holiday Party

Bold and unique

Here are a few pieces you can wear: – Chunky bracelets, earrings or necklaces – Bright or colorful tops – Matching colorful pants or skirts – Heels or shirts with a festive pattern or color – Bright or colorful sweaters – Sparkly dresses, jackets or shirts


Here are some pieces you can try incorporating into your outfit: – Long-sleeved blouse – Pencil skirt – Blazer – Professional and comfortable heels – Two-piece suit – Dress shoes – Tie or bow tie


Here are a few outfit options you might choose for this simple style: – Colorful and flowing dresses – Dresses or blouses with sheer sleeves – Comfortable heels or flats – Button-down shirts – Dress pants or jeans – Polo shirts


You can wear clothing items like: – Jeans – Blouse – Dress shirt – Polo shirt – Button-down shirt – Comfortable, closed-toed shoes – Clean sneakers

Warm and comfortable

Here are a few pieces you can use: – Turtleneck sweater – Warm, but professional pants – Jeans – Turtleneck dress with warm tights – Sweater vest – Boots or booties – Faux fur vest or jacket – Belted jacket

Festive velvet

Clothing you can find with velvet fabric includes: – Dress shirts and blouses – Suit jackets – Dresses – Professional boots, booties or heels – Blazers


The following items can be effective pieces to wear with your holiday work party outfit: – Pencil skirt – Comfortable, professional heels – Long-sleeved dress shirt or blouse – Dress shoes – A fashionable belt – Dress pants


Here are a few pieces you can wear: – Funny, but appropriate, holiday sweaters – Sparkly dresses – Comfortable shoes – Festive jewelry or accessories – Comfortable pants or jeans



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