What to Do When You Can’t Find  a Job: 10 Tips


What to Do  When You Can’t  Find a Job

Finding a job can be a long and difficult process, especially when the job market is in a volatile state. 

What to Do  When You Can’t  Find a Job

This publication contains 10 helpful tips to help you effectively and successfully search for a job, even when it seems impossible to find one. Ready to learn more? Then keep reading and let's get started!

1. Take a Break

2. Pinpoint the Problem

3. Customize Your Application

4. Spruce up Your Online Presence

5. Change Your Mindset

6. Get Skilled or Schooled—or Both

7. Go Where the Jobs Are

8. Look for Other Types of Flexible Work Arrangements

9. Consider Other Industries

10. Practice Your Interviewing Skills



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