What Skills do You Need to Ace an Interview? 

1. Communication

To develop your verbal communication skills prior to an interview, practice answering common interview questions in a clear and articulate manner.

2. Professionalism

Being well-groomed, dressing for the role and showing deference will all go a long way in demonstrating your professionalism.

3. Punctuality

Showing up late is a sure-fire way to get an interview off to a bad start. It could signal to the interviewers that you didn’t plan ahead, don’t care enough to show up on time or, worse, that you’re not dependable.

4. Research

Learning about the company’s products, mission and culture will show the interviewers that you did your homework and that you’re enthusiastic about the job.

5. Active listening

Taking your listening skills up a notch to the level of active listening is a great skill to have in order ace your next interview.

6. Self-awareness

Some of the best ways to develop self-awareness prior to an interview is by reflecting on your past objectively and asking others for feedback.

7. Storytelling

Stories have a way of stimulating our minds, building connection and engaging our emotions. So, in order to ace your next interview, you’re going to need to be able to tell a good story.

8. Gratitude

Since gratitude is closely associated with happiness, it demonstrates to the interviewer that you have a positive attitude and will be a pleasant colleague to work with.

9. Confidence

Reflecting on prior accomplishments will give you that confidence boost you need to ace your interview.

10. Business acumen

Although business acumen is typically a skill that develops through experience in an industry or field, career starters can also develop it.



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