What Is Career Cushioning, and How Can You Do It?

What Is Career Cushioning?

Career cushioning is the practice of creating a backup plan for potential unemployment. The truth is that job stability isn't guaranteed no matter how hard you work.

What Is Career Cushioning?

Career cushioning is about taking action to keep your options open while creating a buffer for wherever the economy is headed.

When Should You Start Career Cushioning?

If you're feeling uncertain about the economy or industry, it may be time to start thinking about the next steps for your career.

How to Cushion Your Career

To protect your career for the future, you can implement one or more of the following measures.

1. Stay Connected With Your Network

When practicing career cushioning, you must ensure you've been in regular contact with your connections.

2. Consider Hiring a Career Coach

Your resume and LinkedIn profile can be improved with the assistance of a career coach to help you stand out to recruiters and potential employers.

3. Conduct a Professional SWOT Analysis

Conducting a SWOT analysis can help you assess your chances of accomplishing your professional goals relative to your current situation.

4. Assess Your Current Skill Set

You should begin by outlining what you can offer an employer, regardless of whether you have a job now or are prepared to explore your work options in the future.

5. Stay Current With Industry Trends

If you're thinking about switching industries, you may look up various professions and sectors to see how they are expected to expand over the next ten years.



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