What Companies Are in the Consumer Services Field?

What Is the Consumer Services Field?

The consumer services field depends on human resources (HR), computers, and IT to assist customers. 

What Is the Consumer Services Field?

Consumer services companies focus on transactions, customer care, and how consumers access services.

Top Companies for Tech in the Consumer Services Field

Some of the top companies for tech in the consumer services field are well-known international organizations. Here are some companies in the consumer services field you can explore:


Founded in 1849, Pfizer works to develop new, breakthrough medications that help prevent, treat and cure diseases.


Airbnb is a trusted platform for technology professionals who want remote work options in the leisure and hospitality industry.


AAA offers many opportunities if you're looking for consumer services jobs in travel technology, data analytics, or software engineering.


The company's vast reach and expansive services make Amazon an excellent place to find consumer services jobs for technology professionals.


Costco's home office houses the company's information systems division, which houses a variety of tech workers in areas like network technology and data analytics.


Comcast's vast portfolio of services requires many technology professionals, including those working in network security and DevOps.

The Walt Disney Company

Careers with The Walt Disney Company are plentiful for technology professionals looking to work in entertainment and media consumer services.

The TJX Companies

TJX Companies offer career paths for IT professionals who work well as part of a team and know how to use up-to-date tools, software, and methodologies.



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