12 Weirdest Jobs in the World

1. Feng Shui consultant

People utilise Feng Shui experts to arrange their home, office, garden or condo.

2. Dog food taster

Since dogs cannot tell us what their food tastes like, dog food tasters are used to ensure the food that’s prepared for dogs is of high quality and taste.

3. Movie watcher

Many streaming companies hire people to watch and rate TV shows and movies.

4. Paranormal guide

Believe it or not, there are jobs for paranormal guides in the United States and all over Europe. Essentially, you take a short course for about four to six weeks and become a guide.

5. Professional snuggler

Professional snugglers offer comfort to people who feel lonely, depressed, have medical problems or have suffered severe past traumatic events.

6. Face feelers

These are sensory scientists who use their hands to judge the effectiveness of skin products like lotions, facial cleaners and razors.

7. Professional mourner

When an important person dies but has no friends, the family will hire professional mourners to participate in the funeral ceremony.

8. Human statue

A human statue is a unique job that pays quite well if you find the right employment opportunity.

9. Professional bridesmaid

The work involves dress selection, fitting, shopping, arranging the bachelorette party, creating a registry for gifts and many other wedding-related things.

10. Dog surfing instructor

Believe it or not, there is a demand to teach dogs to surf. Professionals are paid to teach dogs — and their owners — to surf.

11. Professional paint-dry watcher

Have you ever had a job that was about as fun as watching paint dry? There is a professional occupation that actually involves watching paint dry.

12. Golf ball diver

Golf ball divers are hired to retrieve golf balls and return them to the grounds to be cleaned and used again at a later date.



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