9 Ways To Treat And Handle Burnout At Work

1. Examine your boundaries

Often, a too-busy workload is the result of saying “yes” to commitments without being present to the work, time, or energy they’ll take to complete.

2. Keep work at work

Try to set — and stick to — a work schedule that allows you to handle other important priorities in your personal life in a way that feels balanced to you.

3. Cultivate interests outside of work

It's an important part of work-life balance. Having positive outlets can help you get through a stressful or frustrating time in your career.

4. Pay attention to your feelings

Paying attention to feelings that arise and when they come up can help you manage resentment, frustration, and disillusionment before they turn into burnout.

5. Share your concerns with a manager

You are likely not the only one experiencing challenges, and a cultural shift may need to take place.

6. Ask for  help

Seek help from your family, coaches, colleagues, and leaders. You may find you have more support than you think.

7. Practice mindfulness

When we put our to-do list ahead of our needs, it’s easy to slip into burnout. Make a habit of checking in with yourself.

8. Build relationships with colleagues

Developing relationships at work gives you a sense of belonging, access to shared resources, and makes it easier to ask for help.

9. Take care of your physical health

One of the stages of burnout is a lack of interest in self-care. Be sure to take the time for basic needs, like food, water, exercise, and time with others.



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