12 Ways to Stay Motivated and Inspired at Work

1. Create a Big Goal

Let's create a long-term goal first. By setting specific and clear goals, individuals experience greater output and better performance.

2. Start With Small Steps

By breaking up a large goal into smaller pieces, you can intentionally chip away at your larger goal, piece by piece.

3. Frontload Your Days With Your Least Favorite Work

When you let your to-do list pile up with tasks that you despise doing, it can turn into a motivation killer.

4. Find a Mentor

Whether you want to eventually move up in your company, take your current position to the next level, amp up your skills, or make a big career pivot—there's a mentor out there for you.

5. Learn New Skills

There are plenty of places to learn new work-related skills. Maybe this is the day you finally take that UX design class.

6. Practice Gratitude

Research shows that practicing gratitude at work is linked to reduced stress, more positivity at work, and increased goal-setting.

7. Step outside your comfort zone

Finding ways to try new things could be the trick to breaking out of your funk—and the same goes for colleagues who might appreciate a new challenge.

8. Reward Yourself for Accomplished Goals

Make space for your achievements, your milestones, and all the small successes in between. Every human being likes a little reward to boost morale and stay motivated.

9. Get Feedback

Make the time to get feedback—whether from your manager, a coworker, or maybe a mentor within your industry.

10. Surround Yourself With Motivated People

Avoid the work colleagues that tend to neg on the company. Better yet, challenge their negativity with a positive reply.

11. Consider your work in context

Even dream jobs come with their share of frustrations, as well as the occasional assignment that, while less than glamorous, can’t be ignored.

12. Take a Break

If you've gone through all of the above steps and you're still feeling completely unmotivated, maybe it's time for a break.



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