10 Ways To Stand Out When Applying For A Job

1. Apply in Person

You will be noticed if you physically enter the company and introduce yourself to the manager. Even if you must submit your application online, you should nonetheless visit the company and introduce yourself.

2. Do Your Homework

Job candidates who know the company, the market and the people will excel. Technical qualifications are given by the time of an interview.

3. Demonstrate Grit

Any candidate looking to stand out should demonstrate grit through academic and work experiences illustrating dogged persistence and resilience despite adversity.

4. Be Warm and Outgoing

No matter your personality, just make sure you’re professional, warm, inviting, and outgoing. Be personable, even (or especially) with your employer.

5. Clean Up Your Social Media

Go through your social media and make sure that what can be seen and read by others is what you’d be okay with your employer seeing.

6. Bring a Resume

Even if it’s not required, create a resume or portfolio to bring with you to your interview/job application. It gives the employer an idea of what you’ve already accomplished and helps them understand you better.

7. Show Up a Few Minutes Early for the Interview

Come a few minutes early to demonstrate that you are eager for the position and prepared, but avoid arriving way too early.

8. Ask Bold Questions

In a competitive market, candidates can stand out to a company by asking bold questions. This also showcases your talents to be hired.

9. Be Specific In Accomplishments

Everyone uses descriptors like "collaborative" or "results-oriented," but few provide specific examples of actually being these things.

10. Follow Up a Couple Days after the Interview

If you aren’t sure what follow-up measures are appropriate for the type of workplace you’re applying to, then ask about it at the end of your interview.

10. Follow Up a Couple Days after the Interview

See when is a good time to follow up with them, and make sure you do it.



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