10 Ways to Maximize Your Job Search in the New Year

1. Establish a personal brand

The greatest method for job seekers to stand out from the crowd in the cutthroat job market of today is to develop a personal brand and build an online presence that highlights your experiences, personality, talents, and values.

2. Upskill

A great way to make yourself more marketable and stand out to potential employers is to develop your skillset. And the start of the New Year is a great time to do so. 

3. Spruce up your résumé

The end of the year is the perfect time to revamp and update your résumé. This is because you have had a whole year’s worth of new experiences and skills that you can now showcase on your résumé. 

4. Develop a strategic plan

Creating a plan is an important step towards achieving your goals — and this applies to your job search and overall career.

5. Take initiative

In order to have the highest chance of success with your job search, you’re going to need to take a proactive approach.

6. Determine your “why”

If you’re dissatisfied in your current job, it’s important to understand what you’re missing so that you can hopefully have those aspects fulfilled in your next role.

7. Find a mentor

There are many advantages that can come from obtaining a mentor to help with your job search.

8. Create a routine

Set some time aside in either the morning or evening each day to work on your job search.

9. Keep up your job performance

If you’re looking for a new job while you’re still employed, it’s imperative to keep up your job performance.

10. Establish healthy habits

Getting enough sleep, eating a nutritious diet, socializing and doing regular physical activity are all tenants of a healthy lifestyle.



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