Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out for 2023

Add your headshot

 Be creative if that fits with what you do or who you are, but remember that this is the first impression people will get from your page.  If you don't currently have a professional headshot to use, it's worth the investment.

Create an eye-catching headline

 You have 120 characters to work with, so why not write something that pops? Think of it as a small billboard advertisement for you and what you do. Instead of just listing your job title, mention your specialty and how you benefit your company or customers.

Craft an interesting summary

Your summary can be a longer form of your headline; here you have 2,000 characters to work with, so you can dive in a little deeper.  Don't just focus on your past experience, but on what you do well and what you can bring to a prospective employer.

Highlight your experience

You don't have the same two-page rule here, but you do have internet readers with short attention spans. Be sure to include any jobs that you deem relevant to where you want your career to go, and use two to four interesting and impressive bullet points for each job you include.

Use the right keywords

To select the right keywords for your profile, you should conduct a search of job descriptions attached to open positions in your field that are of interest to you. Select some of the most commonly cited skills and duties and make sure to include those specific words and phrases throughout your profile text.

Customize your URL

Along the right-hand side of your profile, you will see the option to edit your public LinkedIn URL.  Use that option to make your URL more concise - it only takes a couple of minutes and it can make your URL much more memorable.

Ask for recommendations

Recommendations and endorsements are key to making your LinkedIn profile stand out. Employers want to know that others have approved of your work.  Even when they learn how to make a good LinkedIn profile, many people still neglect this important feature and miss out on 

Ask for recommendations

a great opportunity to demonstrate their value in the marketplace.

Start making connections

It seems obvious, but it can be easy to forget just how important it is to focus on your network of connections. You need to keep growing your connections as you meet people, because of LinkedIn's system of first, second, and third-degree connections; having a lot of connections helps to keep you visible to others.



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