4 Ways to Make Sure Your Career Thrives While Working from Home

1. Attend meetings

Don't just call in to participate - use Zoom to show that you're really attending. Dress like your colleagues in the office and don't multitask while on the call.

2. Make phone calls

Instead of sending five emails to settle an issue or discuss an idea, for example, phone your colleague. This gives you a chance to have a more personal connection, and also catch up on some of the watercooler talk you may have missed.

3. Keep track of your work

Even if your boss doesn't require it, record when you're working, what you're getting accomplished, new contacts you may have made, ideas that have been developed, etc.

4. Invest in your workspace

Whatever your workspace looks like at home, whether it’s your dining room table or a home office, spend a bit of money to make it work for you.



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