7 Ways to Fight Impostor Syndrome at Work

1. Redefine "Success" + Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Not only will you be on the path to fighting impostor syndrome, but you’ll recognize the areas where you still have work to do. And, as you know, high-achieving gals always love a well-defined goal.

2. Dress + Act the Part

Acting more assuredly will cause you to start projecting that assurance, and before long, you'll "trick" yourself into thinking you're not a fraud. Or, to put it more precisely, you will acknowledge your actual brilliance within.

3. Ride the Confidence Wave

Even those who have impostor syndrome occasionally experience intense confidence. Perhaps you presented some excellent ideas to a meeting, nailed the quarterly report, or received a bonus.

4. Stop Being a Perfectionist

Many of the personality traits of a perfectionist can lead to impostor syndrome. You can start to overcome impostor syndrome by recognizing that you don’t have to be perfect; no one is.

5. Set Reasonable Expectations

To overcome imposter syndrome, you need to stop setting unattainable standards and expectations for yourself and thinking that factors such as luck or help are responsible for your success.

6. Find Positive Role Models

Find professional and personal mentors you can trust in your own life who are willing to share their own stories of overcoming impostor syndrome and give you the boost you need.

7. Become Self-Aware

By boosting your self-awareness, you can start to see the early signs of imposter syndrome sneaking into your thoughts and replace those thoughts with confidence-building thoughts.

8. Hire A Therapist

When you are not able to challenge baseline negative thoughts that imposter syndrome can generate, there should be no stigma in hiring a therapist.



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