5 Ways To Create A Resume That Makes A Great Impression

1. Bespoke is best

On the surface, your resume should be all about you, but if you truly want to show off how qualified you are, use the job description for the position you're going for as your guide to make a unique CV that is specifically customized to the job.

2. Get creative

If you're searching for a job in a creative profession or industry, think about how you might make a resume that aesthetically appeals through creative use of font,

2. Get creative

color, design, and photographs rather than just sending in a plain Times New Roman document.

3. Keep it brief

In data compiled by project management software app TeamStage, the average resume is 489 words and the average time spent reading a resume is just six to seven seconds.

4. Highlight what you’ve accomplished

The easiest way to highlight your accomplishments and really show off how much of an asset you can be, is to be specific.

5. Keep your CV always up to date

It is important that you actively improve yourself so that you have something more to add to it. You can take classes, attend seminars/ webinars, and more.



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