10 Ways to Build Positive And Effective Work Relationships

1. Respect Your Peer’s Time

In a role where other people are affected by your actions or performance, you must respect their time and effort and ensure that the ball is not pent up in your court.

2. Keep Communication Transparent

One key part of building strategic work relationships is taking feedback. This will help you know if your message has been understood in an intended manner.

3. Find common connections

You probably have something in common with all your co-workers. Try to work out what that is to build a stronger relationship with everyone in your workplace.

4. Make Use of Common Day Courtesies

You may be surprised by bidding your co-workers simple common day courtesies! Being humble never hurt anyone, even if you do not exactly receive something in return.

5. Take constructive criticism

It might feel uncomfortable, but it will help your workplace relationships flourish. Allow your co-workers or colleagues to tell you how you could be doing better.

6. Treat Everyone As Equals

As long as you maintain the idea of treating everyone as equal, you will find yourself in a positive working environment at all times.

7. Avoid gossiping about others

Talking about people behind their backs can only lead to negativity. If your co-workers try to engage you in gossip, politely steer the conversation the other way.

8. Give Constructive Feedback

As important as it is to take feedback from others, it is also important to give your feedback. It is not just you who needs feedback but also your peers in order to understand how well they are performing.

9. Offer to help when you can

If you notice someone struggling, work together to find a solution. Don’t take on more work than you can handle, but offer to assist your colleague so they don’t feel so stressed.

10. Practice active listening

Trust and great communication skills are the foundations of any healthy relationship. One of the best ways to achieve both of these is through active listening.



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