Virtual Valentine’s Day Ideas for Remote Teams

Virtual Valentine’s Day Ideas for Remote Teams

Valentine's Day is typically observed with chocolate and flowers, but it's also the ideal time to express gratitude to your coworkers at the office. 

Virtual Valentine’s Day Ideas for Remote Teams

But what to do if you work remotely? Don't worry, we have prepared ideas for you to do on Valentine's Day with your colleagues.

1. Virtual potluck

Organize a virtual potluck where each person brings a dish to share. You can do this over a video call or through a shared document where everyone can post pictures and recipes of what they made.

2. Virtual happy hour

Set aside a specific time for a virtual happy hour where everyone can grab a drink and catch up. You can also play games, trivia, or music to keep the conversation flowing.

3. Spread the love

Bring the entire staff together for an entertaining presentation where everyone may publicly or anonymously offer and receive heartfelt comments. Consider it to be a workplace version of Secret Santa.

4. Secret Valentine

Organize a virtual secret Valentine gift exchange where everyone draws a name and sends a small gift or e-card to their assigned person.

5. Virtual baking class

Sign up for a virtual baking class and bake together over a video call. You can also find recipes and tutorials online and bake along with a video.

6. Virtual photo booth

Set up a virtual photo booth where everyone can take pictures and share them. You can also create virtual props and backgrounds to make it more fun.

7. Arrange a group fundraising effort

Valentine's Day is a great occasion to put charity at the forefront of your team-building exercises and increase employee commitment to your ongoing charitable giving initiatives.

8. Virtual game night

Plan a virtual game night where everyone can play games together over a video call. You can also play online games or participate in a virtual trivia contest.



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