Valentine's Day: Office Party Ideas

Valentine's Day: Office Party Ideas

Parties at work may be a lot of fun. Want to throw a memorable Valentine's Day party for your staff? Continue reading for party suggestions and more ideas.

1. Party With a Theme

Celebrate with a theme! This may be a lot of fun if your staff members enjoy participating in events and making the most of them. Choose a tea party theme, a playful color scheme, or a romantic movie theme. 

1. Party With a Theme

Lights, themed decorations, signage, balloons, and other items can be used to decorate the office to match the theme.

2. Movie Night Party

A Valentine's Day movie night is the perfect low-key celebration. Romantic movies, popcorn, and candy are undoubtedly a winning combination for any party, even in the office.

3. Photo Booth Party

One way to make a V-Day party memorable? A themed photo booth, of course! Grab some props and a Polaroid camera and let people get funny.

4. Baking Party

Get your colleagues together and tackle some fun Valentine's Day baking projects. Whether you make cookies, cupcakes, chocolates, or other treats, this party idea is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

5. Pink Party

A pink party is perfect for Valentine's Day. Ask all colleagues to come dressed in pink. Get pink party decorations, new glasses, cups... you get the idea.

6. Pizza Party

Remember the days of pizza parties? Bring it back for Valentine's Day this year. Whether you take a DIY approach or order delivery is up to you.

7. Gift Swap Party

For a gift swap party, you'll decide on a certain spending limit and then have everyone bring an affordable Valentine's Day gift to the party.

8. Cocktail Party

You can't go wrong with a cocktail party. Mix up a big batch of your signature drink and make it into a Valentine's Day-themed bash with heart-shaped straws and pink cups.



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