Top Most Boring Jobs In The World


Whilst the role of the Accountant can be exciting, some aspects are not so great. This is the same for any job right? The worst part of being an Accountant can vary depending on the type of accountant role. For account clerk type roles the repetitive data entry


can be boring and unsatisfying. Clerical accounting work can be as exciting as watching grass grow.  For those in management accounting, it is the mad rush working long hours to complete month-end reporting which is seen as the worst part.

Data analysis

The most boring person in the world is a data analyst who is religious, likes watching TV and lives in a town, a peer-reviewed study found. Researchers have revealed society's dullest jobs and hobbies - as well as those deemed the most exciting. Lucrative professions are seen to be among the 

Data analysis

most mundane - with data analysis, accounting, insurance, and banking topping the list, according to the study. It also found that watching TV and having an interest in maths are among the dullest hobbies.

Tax/insurance work

The most difficult thing about insurance is paying for something people hope they never have to use.  Nobody wants something bad to happen to them. But suffering a loss without insurance can put them in a difficult financial situation.


A cleaner works to keep an organization tidy and orderly by taking stock of cleaning supplies and completing small cleaning jobs throughout the day like emptying trash cans, washing windows and scrubbing any dirty areas. They’re often given a certain set of tasks to complete before their 


shift and must have them finished by the end of the day. Cleaners are responsible for the safety of patrons or office workers by ensuring areas are properly sanitized and cleaning up any spills or messes that may harm customers or other employees.



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