Top Holiday Party Networking Tips

Every Event Is An Opportunity To Network

Сonnect with people you DO NOT KNOW and do not spend time discussing what you do. This is a time for individuals to relax and enjoy themselves in a setting that allows them to get to know you. You are not just the job you currently have nor the position you are 

Every Event Is An Opportunity To Network

trying to land; successful networkers know to leave those things at the door and simply bring themselves instead.

NEVER Forget The Business Card

If you are in-between jobs, INVEST in a good quality business card.  Think creatively, think unique, think memorable.

Send Holiday Cards

Well timed Holiday Cards can make you stand out and be the first to receive that coveted lunch meeting in the New Year. In this world of digital communication, people still love to receive snail mail, display it on their office desks and post them to their office doors.

Timely Follow-Up Is Imperative

Тever forget to drop a note of thanks to all those you were able to connect with in person.  Add them to your LinkedIn network and work to schedule time for coffee, lunch or an in-office meeting.



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