Top Cover Letter Tips to Give Your Application an Edge

1. Start with a Good Opening

Like in any good piece of writing, the opening few lines must captivate the reader.  Give some background on your excitement about the possibility of working for this company in that capacity.

2. Play to the Company

One huge mistake many job applicants make with cover letters is sending something generic that could apply to any company. Instead, learn a good deal about the company and the position and integrate this information into the cover letter.

3. Stay Brief

It's crucial to capture the reader's interest. But you should also be mindful not to bore them to death in your cover letter by going on and on. Try to stay brief.

4. Address It to a Specific Person

Do a little research to find out the name of the employee who actually reads the resumes and cover letters. With this information, address them specifically.

5. Be Confident

You need to be assertive in your cover letter. State the things you have accomplished with authority. There’s no reason to be humble. Most employers want candidates that can take charge and make things happen.

6. Be Specific

Some cover letters only list standardized qualifications. The reader might not give things much thought if they aren't supported by data.

7. Don’t Recycle Your Resume

Another common mistake many job applicants make is simply recycling information from their resume into an essay.

8. Proofread

One of the ways recruiters weed through piles of resumes and cover letters is by throwing out the ones that include spelling and grammar errors.

9. Stay Honest

Don’t be afraid to state everything you’ve accomplished and all of your positive traits. However, don’t go overboard. You need to remember that you may be quizzed on some of these things later in an interview.

10. Add Your Signature

Lastly, you should add your own signature to the end of your cover letter in black ink. While this may not mean much in regards to proving you’re a good candidate, it adds a nice personal touch.



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