Top Careers for Women Over 50


The nursing profession continues to grow at a pace much faster than all other professions, making this female-dominated career a viable and potentially lucrative option for women over age 50. The profession also offers women numerous opportunities for promotions and salary 


increases when they earn advanced certifications and degrees, such as a Bachelor or Master of Science in Nursing or a Doctor of Nursing Practice.

Real Estate Agent

The median age of a real estate agent is 54, and more than 60% of people  are women.  Real estate licenses are relatively inexpensive to acquire, as budget-friendly real estate courses can be completed online, and licensing exam fees typically cost less than $500.

Personal Trainer

The diversity of people seeking fitness training, including baby boomers, makes it possible for women over age 50 to pursue careers as personal trainers.  Older women with backgrounds in sports and fitness can get jobs quickly with a personal trainer’s certificate.

Personal Chef

A personal chef is a financially lucrative career for women over age 50 that marries top-notch cooking skills and house calls. Personal chefs can market their services and gain clients to serve regularly. Some personal chefs have grown their careers by teaching cooking classes, and catering.


Women over age 50 interested in careers as counselors or therapists should earn master’s degrees in their area of specialization, such as substance abuse, marriage and family, and children.  They also need to pass a licensing exam to have a career in this profession.


Former licensed teachers and college professors have the best chance of success as tutors.  Some tutors make money by signing up with online tutoring services and helping students online. Others work with private clients one-on-one in their homes.

Financial Advisor

Women interested in this fast-growing career must have degrees in finance and significant finance experience, which comes with age. Sales and customer service experience also helps financial advisors gain and retain clients. About one-fifth of financial advisors are self-employed.



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