Top 6 Corporate Office Holiday Party Ideas

1. Plan a North Pole Potluck

Plan a North Pole Potluck dinner for your team. Since holiday cuisine varies all over the world, your team members more than likely have unique family and cultural traditions to share.

2. Coordinate a Team-Building Charity Drive

Giving is better than receiving. And when your team bands together for a worthy cause, it can be just what Santa ordered to build teamwork and get in the holiday spirit.

3. Have a Game Night

Hosting a game night is a great way to keep your team engaged and having fun throughout the entirety of the event.

4. Host a Happy Holidays Happy Hour

A Holiday Happy Hour can include any variety of drinks (with or without alcohol) and if virtual, then anything your employees choose on their own.

5. Take Your Team on a Adventure

During the holiday season, there are many light shows, venues, and attractions your team can choose to visit. They truly won’t know where they’re going till they get there.

6. Organize a Hands-on Experience

One of our favorite office holiday parties teams love year after year is our Gingerbread House Hunters competition where each team is challenged to design and build an absolute showstopper of a house.



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