Top 5 In-Demand Tech Skills For Jobs In 2023

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is becoming popular in the IT field because of its ease of use, dependability and scalability of processing and storage.


No longer something that’s confined to IT departments, every employee will be expected to take responsibility for the security of the data they are entrusted with


and for building resilience in their area of operations. Cyber security skills will be among the most in-demand for the foreseeable future.

Data Communicator/ Storyteller

As data becomes central to the strategies of more businesses, people with the skill to communicate and build stories from it will become increasingly valuable.

UX Design

Due to the extent to which digital transformation is effectively transforming every firm into a tech company and every career into a tech job,

UX Design

user experience (UX) design and the closely related discipline of user interface (UI) design will become increasingly valuable talents.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves harnessing the cumulative power of any number of technological solutions designed to get the attention of customers and put your products and services at the front of their minds.



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