Top 10 Interpersonal Skills Employers Love

1. Collaboration

Collaborating effectively involves establishing goals and a way of working, active listening and getting everyone on the same page.

2. Problem solving

As problems inevitably arise, problem solving is a key interpersonal skill.

3. Teamwork

People who are team players are reliable, supportive, flexible, open-minded and respectful of others.

4. Leadership

Even if you are not in a position that includes managing people, leadership is an important interpersonal skill to have in any work environment.

5. Customer service

If a role requires any interaction at all with customers, then customer service skills will usually be a requirement.

6. Conflict management

And since conflict is so common, employers value workers who are skilled at managing conflict in a healthy and productive manner that restores harmony.

7. Empathy

You can develop empathy skills through active listening, asking questions and making an effort to understand the perspective of the other person.

8. Persuasion

For certain fields, such as law or sales, persuasion and a positive attitude is vital in order to be successful.

9. Relationship management

Maintaining good relationships with clients, vendors and business partners is key to any successful business.

10. Patience

Since everyone works at a different pace and in different ways, it’s vital to keep your cool and not get quickly irritated with others.



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