Top 10 High-Paying Female Jobs Without A Degree In 2023

Supervisor, Non-Retail Sales

For this position, which requires high school graduation and strong sales and communication skills, you may earn up to $151,000 per year.  A person with some financial stake in the company would be well-suited to this position, which entails managing sales staff and preparing financial reports.

Transit or Railroad Officer

Top-level transit or railroad officials in major metropolitan areas earn over $99,000 annually, not including perks and bonuses.  Qualifications begin with a high school diploma, and expertise in law enforcement, administration, and training are all necessities.

Agricultural Manager

It is possible to earn up to $129k annually as a farm manager in more populated areas like San Francisco.  To do well in this role, you must be able to manage and direct a team of farm or agricultural employees, as well as develop policies, plans, and budgets for the upkeep 

Agricultural Manager

and expansion of farms or the agricultural operations of an organization.

Media Communications Equipment Professional

This position has a compensation range of $99,000 to $131,000 per year, and it’s possible to get into the field (or at least get a foot in the door) with only a two-year associate’s degree.  This opportunity is ideal if you have experience with large-scale event microphone setup, 

Media Communications Equipment Professional

communications technology, or operating sound, lighting, and mixing boards.

Truck Driver

Sister Truck Driver is a multibillion-dollar business, so don’t take it lightly. With a high school certificate, a commercial driver’s license, and years of experience, a truck driver may earn up to $145,000 annually. Being a truck owner-operator and familiar with the business’s inner workings is a bonus.

Commercial Pilot

Commercial pilots may earn up to $139,000 annually if they meet the minimal criteria of having a license, flying hours, and an interest in flying.  You can work for a large airline, fly for private clients, or work independently to provide services or instruct. 

Physician Assistants

A physician’s assistant (PA) is a healthcare professional who assists doctors in providing patient care. PAs execute many of a doctor’s or surgeon’s tasks but report directly to them. Given that a physician assistant performs many of the same duties as a doctor but does not need a medical degree, this

Physician Assistants

is one of the best-paying careers open to women. Women often join the field through the nursing profession or attend medical school to become physician assistants.

Nuclear Plant Manager

This position is responsible for managing teams who provide electrical services and ensuring that they operate within the law. As a manager, you’ll need at least a high school certificate and a lot of expertise in the field before you can make it. However, some firms need additional certifications at this level.

Casino Manager

You would be responsible for all elements of casino management, including operational budgeting and forecasting, and earn an annual salary of up to $153,000 (at the low end of the range). Even while an MBA is useful, management experience and a background in the

Casino Manager

gaming sector are essential for gaining this position, especially if it is an internal one.

Senior Web Developer

As a senior web developer, you may earn up to $101k per year, but you’ll need experience in both web design and development.  Associate’s degree programs and online certification courses may give you adequate training for this position. Four-year college programs can develop

Senior Web Developer

those abilities. The ability to learn quickly and work under pressure pales compared to natural talent and dogged persistence.



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