Top 10 Entry-level Jobs In Metal Fabrication

1. Press Brake Operator$34,000

Heavy machinery requires skilled operators due to the fact that it can be extremely dangerous.

2. Metal Finisher -  $30,000

A metal finisher is responsible for the finishing work on metal pieces. This can require filing, cutting, the removal of burrs and sharp edges, and polishing.

3. Welder -  $38,000

Although most welders must complete an apprenticeship, you can learn how to weld in programs at vocational institutions.

4. Sheet Metal Fabricator - $34,000

Someone in this position is responsible for installing sheet metal. This can be air ducts, airplane wings, or vehicle bodies.

5. Metalizing Machine Operator -  $34,000

The process of metalizing is by applying a coating metal on the surface of an object.

6. Metallurgical Laboratory Assistant - $49,000

If you’re interested in metallurgy or being a metallurgist, this is a good place to start. This job gets you into research in the field.

7. Goldsmith - $48,000

The responsibilities and pay of a goldsmith are highly influenced by their workplace and level of expertise.

8. Solderer - $33,000

To prevent damaging the circuit board, a solderer must be knowledgeable about the various types of solder, the materials being used, and maintaining the right temperature.

9. Iron Worker - $39,000

They need to be able to understand blueprints, cut metal pieces to the requirements, and be familiar with welding.

10. Metal Stud Framer - $41,000

They specialize in sizing and cutting metal studs to spec, but they also are involved in the building of the framework of the walls as well as the installation.



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